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Casie Stevenson

SuperStar Director


My Story

Thank you for inquiring about my personal experience and story with Scentsy.  I believe that everyone has a great story and I hope that with what I share with you today will touch you in a way that will help you realize that you need to be a part of my team and this great company along with me! 

After getting Scentsy as a gift, I reordered some new fragrances for my home through a catalog party and fell in love with Scentsy after using it.  I was completely fascinated by the SIMPLICITY, SAFETY and VALUE of the great products that Scentsy offered.  I met with the company’s President, Orville Thompson, I decided right then and there that I would sign up as a consultant with Scentsy and give it my best to make a business for myself.  At the same time I joined Scentsy in 2006, (17 Years ago) I was hired at my local airport as a ground agent. ** After a years’ time in both businesses and still babysitting, I received a check for $1250.00 from Scentsy and at that point decided that focusing on Scentsy was what I wanted to do so I gave my notice to the airport.  I am proud to say that my income with Scentsy can sustain our family.**  I have found a product that I believe in, that is easy to use, that is safe and that customers trust.  

Since being a part of Scentsy, I have gained many great friendships.  I have been able to travel with my husband to Cancun, Mexico, earn the reward of being a Founder’s Circle Member and enjoyed a great week at Colorado Springs, Colorado at the “BroAdmoor”.  I enjoyed a week Cruise on the Baja Mexican Cruise, a week getaway to Banff. Canada, a 7 day Alaskan Cruise, Hawaii Trip, Bahamas cruise and a Disney World Trip for my whole family, just to name a few of my favorites and all of which I have earned.  I am at the highest rank a consultant can qualify for and am one of only 50 Founding Circle Members of the company.  In 2008 I was the 2nd top seller of the company.  In October 2013 I was selected as 1 of 5 consultants to represent Scentsy at a Direct Sales Summit in Washington, D.C. and met with a few congressmen and senators representing the company and myself as a successful work from home mom! I never really dreamed that representing a great company such as Scentsy and accomplishing my goals each month would take me to places I used to only dream of.  Now I am living it and loving it!!!

Scentsy has become my passion and I am grateful to be a part of something that will enhance not just my home with fragrance, but my family’s life, touch other’s lives and help me improve myself in creating new relationships, strengthening old relationships and enjoying the positive energy and feelings I get through my involvement with Scentsy.

So, do you love to have a wonderful smelling home, but worry about open flames, smoke and soot on the walls? I know I have the solution for you – Scentsy Wickless Candles.  Not only do we have the solution, but I have the best business opportunity around.  Today it is your turn to create a Scentsy Journey of your own!!!   

All you have to do is click HERE to join you are on your way with the first step.

If you have any other questions about the Scentsy Business Opportunity, to find out more about becoming a Scentsy Customer or even hosting a party, please contact me.  I would love to be the one to introduce you to Scentsy.

Casie Stevenson  


Superstar Director / Founder's Circle Member

**-** Results are not typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure Statement document:




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